Josh Stearns

I found this New Yorker piece fascinating for the way it looked at social media as a non-narrative form, and how it both celebrated and bemoaned what “the social stream” means for how we understand facts, the world, and the people in our lives.

It is especially interesting viewed through the debates about Twitter and orality. See here and here for the best of those debates.

How many of us have had this experience:

“Last year I watched a friend struggle through breast cancer treatment in front of hundreds of friends. She broadcast her news with caution, training her crowd in how to react: no drama, please; good vibes; videos with puppies or kittens welcomed. I watched two men grieve for lost children — one man I’ve only met online, whose daughter choked to death; one an old friend, whose infant son and daughter, and his wife and mother-in-law, died in…

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