Rebel Compass

I’m a photographer, journalist and designer in Juneau, Alaska.

I’m addicted to reading, especially about technology, journalism tools and trends and anything else I can get my hands on.

This blog is a collection of the great things I find around the internet and from fellow bloggers and any other cool shiny things I find or make.

I am completely fascinated by the intersection of journalism and technology. As an award-winning journalist and editor, I’ve worked on initiatives in data, social media, interactive storytelling and reporting across platforms. I’m a full-stack software engineer and am building new tools and projects to explore how technology can better serve journalism and reach diverse audiences. When I’m not in front of a computer, I’m behind a camera putting my photojournalism degree to use whether it’s photographing international sled dog races, SWAT team training, bush pilots or my favorite subject of wildlife.

This site is more of a collection site where I repost things I like.

My new blog and my portfolio is over at HBCompass. It’s also sort of my hub for all my online stuff including Rebel Compass Design, Alaska Media Lab, Heather Bryant Photography, Alaska Style and more.


Heather Bryant


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